Family Memorial Gifts:

We have been so edified by the faith of our families - in their love and commitment through war, depression and great hardships.  It is our hope that these families will be honored and remembered through the memorial gifts of their descendants! 


We are inviting families to join together in leaving a lasting named memorial in this church of our roots.  Memorials over $1,500 will be listed on a plaque in the church and all memorials will be listed in a booklet to be published.  

We received a beautiful note with a recent donation in which the writer noted that:

We are forever grateful to our parents

and all our extended family

for their sacrificial gifts of love and faith

that transcends time and space. 

We are happy and thankful to do our small part to

“Embrace our Blessings and Ensure our Future”. 

Thus far, we have had many who have established family memorials.  There are others who have made donations but have not yet determined how their memorial will be listed.  We hope that the following list may be an inspiration for those unsure how to dedicate/name a memorial:


Rev. George Morelock

Ervin Gaydos

Joe Morelock

Barbara E. Boyd Gazda

Gazda-Wargo Families

Family of August and Josephine Opremchak

Karolik Grandchildren

In Memory of the Thomas Sestak, Sr. Family

Rev. Leo F. Sestak

Rev. August J. Sperl

Brett Ann Maguire

Dcn. Gregory Maynerich Family

In loving memory of Lawrence Ellena, Cecelia Ellena and Linda Garrison

In Honor of Joseph T. Nolan

Larry and Rita James Family

Dcn. Rick and Annie Schnetzler Family

Lee and Flo Baines

Mary Jo Knudson, JoEllyn Beane, Daniel Knudson

Thomas John & Mary Anna Gonguar Micklus

Weaver Family

John G. Miller Family

In Memory of Frank Maynerich, Sr.

Maynerich Family Memorial

In Memory of Jim L. Allen

In Memory of Joe and Elinor Hendricks

Jim and Margaret Hendricks

John and Martha Norris

In Memory of Judy Hartley

John and Mary Peregrin

To establish a family memorial or
make a donation to a family memorial:
Online:  Click on the donate button and follow the instructions:
Mail:  you may request a donation envelope by contacting
the parish office at (217) 965-4545.

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