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Family Memorial Gifts:

We have been so edified by the faith of our families - in their love and commitment through war, depression and great hardships.  It is our hope that these families will be honored and remembered through the memorial gifts of their descendants! 


We are inviting families to join together in leaving a lasting named memorial in this church of our roots.  Memorials over $1,500 will be listed on a plaque in the church and all memorials will be listed in a booklet to be published.  

We received a beautiful note with a recent donation in which the writer noted that:

We are forever grateful to our parents

and all our extended family

for their sacrificial gifts of love and faith

that transcends time and space. 

We are happy and thankful

to do our small part to

“Embrace our Blessings

and Ensure our Future”.

If you would like to establish a family memorial, please contact the parish office.

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