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Fr. Sperl Memorial:

The Trinity Windows, which are located in the sanctuary above the Altar of Repose, were originally installed and dedicated in honor of Fr. John Dolack, pastor of Sacred Heart Church from 1927-1957.  This original Dedication will remain.
The restoration of these windows during our 2017 Renovation will be dedicated in honor of Fr. August Sperl, pastor of Sacred Heart Church from 1983-2009.
This dedication effort is sponsored by the recipients of the the Caruso-Sperl Charitable Trust.  During his pastorate of Sacred Heart Church, Fr. Sperl founded the trust using funds that he had received as personal gifts.  The trust was designed to help families of Sacred Heart Church and the surrounding towns afford Catholic Education for their children by offering financial scholarships.  The trust continues today and remains a legacy of the care and concern Fr. Sperl had for the children of the parish.
All are invited to make a special donation towards this memorial in honor of Fr. Sperl.  We are so grateful for his many years of dedicated ministry in our parish and your donations are a way of honoring his life and legacy.
To make a donation through the mail, send you donation to
Sacred Heart Church
722 N. Springfield St.
Virden, IL 62690
To make a donation online, click on the button and choose
"Renovation:  Fr. Sperl Memorial".
Father August Sperl
Stained Glass Trinity Windows
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