Renovation Leadership:

Core Committee

With the blessing, guidance and direction of our pastor,

Father James Palakudy,

the members of the Core Renovation Committee

oversee the renovation process. 

From the Parish Administration: 

Father James Palakudy, Deacon Rick Schnetzler, Marcella Rosier

From the Parish Finance Council: 

Georgene Jones, Jane Maguire, Matt Peregrin

From the Renovation Committee: 

Dave O’Brien, Carol McGrath, Annie Schnetzler


Renovation Leadership:

Committee Chairs

Renovation Committee Chair: 

Georgene  Jones

The Project Coordinator: 

Dave O’Brien

The Capital Campaign Subcommittee Chair: 

Matt Peregrin

The Sanctuary Redecoration Subcommittee Chairs:  

Jane Maguire and Carol McGrath

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