Project Goals:

Scope of Work


The basic scope of the project was as follows:

Exterior Brickwork:  the bricks on the church, hall, and school were sealed, any damaged bricks were repaired, some minor tuck-pointing was done, all the buildings were washed, and the surfaces of the foundation and keystones were repaired and repainted

Stained Glass:  Any damaged panes and joints of the stained-glass windows were repaired, the windows were sealed and the frames repainted, the exterior storm windows were replaced and a venting system for the windows was be installed

Interior Plaster Repair and Paint:  the plaster was repaired throughout the church; the walls, ceilings and window frames were repainted

Redecoration:  the interior of the church was redecorated - this redecoration included new altars, new stations, and decorative painting

Statuary:  the statuary was restored and new stations of the cross were added

Lighting:  additional architectural lighting was installed and more electrical improvements were added to the already scheduled wiring and electrical panel upgrade.

Flooring:  new flooring was installed in the sanctuary, the vestibule and the confessional

See pictures showing these needs...

Project Goals:



We will be seeking donations totaling $200,000

to cover the  of the renovation.

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